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Hotshot Trucking : What Are The Most Profitable Freight To Haul?

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Hotshot trucking is one of the most popular hauling services. It is the most used transporting method, especially with urgent goods. And the vital economy of the US has a considerable portion related to the transportation industry as well. Compared with the other services, Hot shot trucking has a high demand. The freight and goods to be transported keep increasing, but the number of drivers or the careers in the operation is less than the demand. So, at the moment, the hotshot business has a higher order, value, and request due to the speed of its service. So, hotshot trucking is a lucrative business in the US region. From this article, we will be discussing the most profitable freight to haul in hotshot trucking.

Things to consider before getting into the hotshot business

Tips for starting and growing your hotshot business

We thought it was essential to know some crucial tips on how to start and grow your hotshot business.

The following are a few of the critical points for your consideration.

There are more points to keep in your mind!

If you can consider these facts when you plan your business, you will never fail.

The most profitable freight to haul at a glance!

To succeed in the hotshot industry, you should know and identify the most profitable freight types to haul. The ultimate goal is to be successful s well as to earn good money. So below are some of the most money-making freight types that most of the hotshot driver’s target.

Luxury car hauling

Luxury car hauling is one of the costliest jobs. It provides a logical point that you get paid more as you haul an expensive cargo. Truck drivers usually get paid about $100,000 per year for transporting luxury cars. So, if you enter this niche market, you will earn more money. But you must remember that this is a highly skilled job. The drivers need a special license to handle this type of cargo. And you need some experience in the field to ensure you can handle such an expensive cargo without any issues.

Hazmat hauling

Hazmat hauling is another highly profitable, high-income niche that you can get into. The pay is higher as you handle a lot more risk and danger. The truck driver hauls explosive materials, corrosive substances, flammable liquids, and explosive gases.

Suppose you have the needed experience and all the legal certificates. In that case, you are good to go! in terms of personality, you need to be a person who pays extreme attention to details as you will be handling dangerous goods. If you wish to get into this niche, you need to have the hazmat endorsement in addition to the CDL. You need to apply for the said certificate and pass the test. Many go through a hotshot company or a contractor who will pay to get the necessary documents arranged.

Tanker Hauling

Usually, the tanker haulers, too, get paid well. The load they carry are hazardous and non-hazardous liquids like milk and water. Usually, the tanker drivers get paid $60 000 per year, which makes it a lucrative business to consider. The drivers need to get two specific certificates: An X endorsement or an N endorsement. The N endorsement qualifies you to drive more oversized loads like 1000gallons and up. The X endorsement includes the N and Hazmat certifications needed to proceed with the job.

Oversized load hauling

If you wish to enter this category, you need an additional certificate and a higher degree skill level. The jobs related to this niche come with higher pay. Hauling heavy construction equipment or even smaller houses and sheds comes under this category. The average annual come for a driver of this category is close to $54000 per year. It means more profitable opportunities- if you haul this type of load.

Mining industry trucking

This niche needs highly talented drivers. Mining companies look for skilled drivers to transport coal and other materials out of mines to the required destinations. It is a risky job as sudden collapses occur due to the bumps and sudden movements in the mines. So, the companies need highly skilled drivers to handle the situation expertly. And for that reason, the companies pay you well. It is somewhat similar to the job role of ice road trucking. If you practice handling such necessary situations, you can easily take up the job and earn a good income.

Wrapping up…

We hope you understand the niche categories that handle the most profitable loads in hotshot trucking. So, if you wish to take up the job as a hotshot driver in this most profitable category, make sure to have the needed certificates and training. Though they look pretty challenging, they are the best opportunities to earn the best income ever!

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