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What type of CDL license do I need for hotshot trucking?

What type of CDL license do I need for hotshot trucking? -Everything Covered Under Hotshot Trucking!

Hotshot trucking is one of the most famous modes of transportation for goods. And one of the most talked-about topics. Are you thinking, what type of CDL license do I need for hotshot trucking? If so, here we are going to unveil the requirements needed for Hotshot trucking in detail. In that case, the types of licenses required, the types of vehicles allowed, consider yourself lucky as this will help you get an overall idea of what to know on hotshot trucking.

What is hot shot Trucking? -Before discussing What type of CDL license do I need for hotshot trucking…

Hotshot trucks are the experts in delivering small, time-sensitive loads that need delivery within a specific time frame. Tennessee, Oklahoma, Washington, Texas, and Indiana are the states that top up the lists with hotshot trucking. Simply it is the famous method of transportation of small goods, especially in USA and Canada.

Most of the truckers are freelancers who own a truck. They get their jobs through load-boards. What do the transport, is a good question?

Do you know that the hotshot truck drivers get various loads to transport?

If you need a more straightforward explanation: imagine a factory needs equipment or a piece of machinery transported as soon as possible to avoid loss of production, the best way is to get it delivered through Hotshot.

What are the truck and vehicle types that are ideal for hotshot trucking?

Have you ever wondered about the most efficient and effective truck types used for hotshot trucking?

Well, guess what?

There are quite a several vehicles used in this. Also, if you wish to get the service of a hotshot truck, deciding the type of vehicle entirely depends on the type of goods you need to transport.

The bumper pull trailers are the least expensive and shorter type to transport smaller loads. These types of trucks are easy to use and driven by civilian drivers. But remember this is not the best to transport large loads.

But the gooseneck trailers with a tighter turning radius are popular kinds that can transport heavier loads.

The tilt deck trailers operated with a hydraulic system are ideal for transporting larger loads.

Lowboy trailers with a low centre of gravity s the best to carry heavier loads. But one drawback is that it does not have enough deck space though it can carry heavy loads. Therefore, the number of turns the truck has to take to deliver a larger quantity is more than the other trucks.

The dove tailers are a suitable and affordable vehicle popular in hotshot trucking.

Whatever the vehicle, it is determined regarding the types of loads, the equipment, or the machinery you wish to transport. It is a must fact that anyone who wishes for the service of a hotshot truck should keep in mind.

What are the main requirements for a hotshot truck driver?

If you wish to be a hotshot truck driver, there are certain essential things that you should keep in mind. You need to fulfill a set of primary requirements to obtain permission as a hotshot driver. So, I hope this write-up will help you with the required basic details for your knowledge.

The main requirement is your driving license and commercial registration. It is a must to get the opportunity to drive as a hotshot truck driver. Also, you need to obtain a US Department of Transportation number before you get permission to drive the vehicle to another state. Not accepting this may cause issues like getting fined, and the condition may impound your vehicle. So, it is essential to make sure you get the proper license and the registration numbers as mentioned.

Also, there are specific requirements adhered to in each state. So, the hotshot drivers must know each state’s rules and regulations.

You have to complete the right age if you need to get a job as a hotshot driver.

What type of license do you need?

Did you know that the standard type of license a hotshot driver needs is a class A license?

Having a class A license is the best if you want to transport commercial loads. The reason is that it will help you to get hired anywhere as it is an essential requirement. Also, a class A license is a critical requirement that a commercial driver needs.

Hope you are interested in getting to know how to obtain this license.

Here’s how!

You need to sit for a written exam to test your theoretical knowledge of rules and regulations. It would help if you took the behind-the-wheel examination to test your driving ability. When you have completed and assessed both these areas, you’ll be fit and qualified to obtain a commercial driving license.

But in many states, you need not show a commercial driving license until you drive a commercial truckload of 26000 lbs. It is the normal regulation followed. Even for a commercial load of 10000lbs, you need to have your commercial driving license in some states.

Another remarkable fact to keep in mind is that the vehicle’s weight is the vital factor determining the type of license for the specific vehicle. The license type will be classified under the gross weight of the vehicle. So, the gross vehicle weight should be known for this purpose.

The types of licenses to be obtained -What type of CDL license do I need for hotshot trucking?

You absolutely can start your hotshot trucking without a commercial driving license. But there are three types of licenses that you need to obtain if you wish to operate in the United States. Also, you will be surprised to hear that some states have even more striker requirements. California is one such state. Bit most states are satisfied with class A, B, or C licenses.

According to commercial transportation, the types of licenses are classified below. Hope it will be helpful for all drivers who are interested in the industry. If we look at the types of licenses needed, 

Type A License

When considering the type A license, it is essential when the Gross Vehicle Weight of the truck and trailer comes up to 26,001 or more. It is mainly for the trucks that wish to transport heavy materials. 

Type B License 

This license is for any single vehicle with a gross weight of 26,001 or more pounds or any vehicle towing a car, not more than 10,000 pounds. Of course, it is precisely for vehicles that transport medium-scale loads.

Type C CDL License

This license is for any single vehicle or a set of cars that do not meet the needs of type A or type B requirements but is either made for transporting 16 or more passengers with the driver or designed for hazardous materials.

Also, as mentioned earlier, different states have different license requirements. So, according to each, the drivers should have to get their Commercial driving license ready if they wish to drive across the states. And at some points, the individual state commercial driving license is not valid with certain other conditions. Therefore, it must to clarified before you take up the job. Any additional requirements or approvals regarding the license should be obtained and made ready to start the career successfully.

As it is seen, simply getting a Type A is more than enough to start with hotshot trucking, but the knowledge about other states is essential for further job development.

Endorsements and Restrictions -What type of CDL license do I need for hotshot trucking? 

Did you know that there are a set of endorsements and restrictions put with relevance to hotshot trucking? It is to maintain the proper standards of obtaining a commercial driving license. Hope it will be helpful to know more facts about the subject. Therefore, the below-elaborated description will help you clear any doubts about this.

Here is a simple list of the types of endorsements.

T – Double/Triple Trailers -Knowledge test only

 P – Passenger -Knowledge and Skills Tests

 N – Tank Vehicle -Knowledge Test only

 H – Hazardous Materials -Knowledge Test only

 X – a mix of Tank Vehicle and Hazardous Materials

Hope it would be helpful to know a few details about each endorsement in detail.

Below are a few facts to note.

H endorsement

This endorsement is known as Hazmat endorsement too. If you are willing to operate a vehicle that contains hazardous materials, you should have this endorsement. Of course, you have to take a written exam to receive this endorsement.

N endorsement or the Tanker endorsement

N endorsement is a must-have endorsement for operating a tank truck. It is the particular type of vehicle used to transport liquids or gasses. You need to sit for a written knowledge test to get this endorsement.

P endorsement or the Passenger Endorsement

This endorsement is essential if you operate a passenger vehicle that seats 16 or more passengers. Keep in your mind that a written knowledge test is a must to get this endorsement.

S endorsement

is needed to operate vehicles like school buses. You have to obtain the P endorsement to get a school bus license. The S endorsement is received the same way any other principal permit is acquired. For this, You have to pass a written driving knowledge test. After that, you need to take a road skills test or a behind-the-wheels test to make sure you fully understand how to operate a school bus in correct legal terms. After you get through these two tests, with these details, you must fill out separate application forms and fees to obtain this endorsement. Also, you need to do a background check which is mandatory to operate a school bus. You have to follow this strict process as you deal with the lives of children when you drive a school bus. Therefore, security and protection become the number one fact.

T Endorsement

If you are willing to operate a truck with two or three trailers, there you have to obtain a T Endorsement.  That is because a truck with two or three trailers is a long vehicle. It is mandatory to face a written knowledge test to obtain the T endorsement.

X Endorsement

Having the X Endorsement is essential for operating a tanker with hazmat material. If you are looking to obtain this endorsement, of course, you have to face the written skills test only.

Types of restrictions at a glance! -What type of CDL license do I need for hotshot trucking? 

There are a set of restrictions set on hotshot trucking. If you wish to take up hotshot trucking, you must have a good understanding of them.

E Restriction prohibits a driver with the Commercial Driving license from operating a manual transferral truck. This restriction will be applied if you take your behind-the-wheel test in an automated truck.

L Restriction prohibits the driver from operating a vehicle with a complete air brake system. Imagine you do not take the test in a whole air brake system. In such cases, you will not be able to check the air brake system properly, and it is not correctly identified, or if this driver does not pass the air brake knowledge test, an L restriction will be added to the license.

M restriction shows that a driver can only operate a class B or C passenger vehicle or school bus. An M restriction will be imposed if a driver has a class A Commercial Driving Licence but gets their P or S endorsement in a Class B vehicle.

There are more types of restrictions continued…

N restriction shows that the driver can only drive a class C passenger vehicle or a school bus. If the driver has a Class B Commercial Driving Licence but has their passenger endorsement or school bus endorsement for a Class C vehicle, an N restriction will be applied.

O restriction stops drivers from operating a Class A vehicle with a fifth-wheel connection. Of course, O restrictions will impose if the driver takes the driving test in a class A car with a non-fifth wheel connection or pintle hook.

V restriction is imposed when a driver has a medical variance reported by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. If there is an issue with the driver’s health and safety, this restriction will be on such a driver’s license. Hope it will be helpful to know what type of health issues relate to this particular restriction. A medial variance means the diseases like diabetes, hearing, seizure, or vision impairments.

A Z restriction prohibits drivers from driving a vehicle equipped with full air brakes. A Z restriction is for drivers who don’t take the test with an air over hydraulic brake system.

What are the Commercial driving license changes for hotshot trucking for 2022?

Specific changes took place on the commercial driving license for hotshot trucking. From February 7, 2022, all entry-level operators of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) interested in applying for a commercial driver’s license (CDL) must complete the minimum training requirements before taking their state-administered Commercial Driving License examination.

It includes those seeking: a Class A or Class B Commercial Driving License; an upgrade to their Commercial Driving License (such as a Class B Commercial Driving License holder seeking a Class A Commercial Driving License), or a hazardous materials (H), passenger (P), or school bus (S) endorsement for their license. Also included are those taking a Commercial Driving License or P and S endorsement skills test or the H endorsement knowledge examination.

The internal set of regulations or the requirements or the so-called DOT regulations required for the United States will make a CDL license a must for hotshot trucking. Although it is challenging to stay competitive with the DOT regulations and their updates, it is always good to remain on par with them for the well-being of the drivers.

We thought it would be helpful for you to list out a few critical points of the DOT regulations that everyone can check out.

  • Always have a printed copy of the current DOT and FMCSA rules for quick review. Provide a copy to each driver to memorize and have with them.
  • Implementing a vehicle maintenance program to avoid surprise breakdowns and for the well-being of the vehicles.
  • Make sure to inspect vehicles before and after each trip thoroughly.
  • Track all incidents and accidents and avoid them in the future.
  • Maintain records about driver history, performance, and qualifications to track incidents.
  • Record the hours on duty information of each driver.
  • Regularly test all the drivers for drugs and alcohol to ensure compliance and avoid tragic accidents. Also, conduct tests on supervisors, according to the DOT regulations.

A few DOT regulations will be necessary for all hotshot drivers and companies operating throughout 2022.

You can operate your hotshot truck to be the most profitable with all of this in mind. When you have the right intention, needs, and expectations that are reasonable and are financially stable to invest in at the start of your journey. Hotshot trucking might be worth it. You are sure to get a lot of positive experiences that you can use in the trucking industry as a whole! We firmly believe that we have addressed everything under what type of CDL license do I need for hotshot trucking.

Do you still have any questions regarding hotshot trucking?

Leave a  comment! 

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