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Non-CDL Hotshot Vs. CDL Hotshot Trucking ( Advantages And Disadvantages )

hi there! We meet again with some attractive conversational gain on another aspect of the hotshot Trucking.

As we all know by now, the hotshot Trucking is a lifesaver for many large industries that work with last-minute needs. Hotshot Trucking has been a real blessing, especially in the fields where production is involved.

Hotshot truck drivers are experts at delivering small, time-sensitive loads that must be returned within a limited timeframe. Most hotshot drivers are freelance owners and the operators who own their vehicles and find their loads through load boards. But company drivers attached to certain trucking companies sometimes take on hot shot freight jobs.

Hotshot truck drivers usually have enough experience transporting various load types and have the necessary equipment. Most hotshot truck drivers stay glued to hot shot loads because they pay decent rates. The rates are higher, especially if a company needs a piece of equipment delivered quickly to get over a loss in productivity.

Also, suppose a construction company needs equipment delivered to complete a specific job to keep a project on time. In that case, they usually post it on a load board as a hotshot load to get it delivered immediately. Late equipment deliveries can lead to company downtime or project and production delays that cause lost revenue.

What is non-CDL hotshot trucking means?

Generally, according to the states’ regulations, the hotshot drivers need to obtain a commercial driving license for certain vehicles. So non-CDL means operating a Hotshot truck without a commercial driving license. 

How can you start hotshot? Is it based on non-CDL Trucking?

If you wish to start non-CDL Trucking, you need to have an excellent understanding of the process. Doing a good study about it will be an added advantage when planning things out. Here are some points that we thought would be helpful for you.

Starting a Non-CDL Hotshot Trucking business means you don’t need a commercial driver’s license to operate big trucks and other heavy vehicles. But this decision limits the size of deliveries the driver can make. These drivers are still lucky enough to get through to success by focusing on a niche and targeting the correct potential customers. Also, they can take a few basic actions as below when planning out the non-CDL hot trucking business. 

Establish a Niche

As we all know, a hotshot trucking business can do lightweight deliveries as couriering blueprints from an architect to contractors or developers. Or if you focus on bore weight, a furniture delivery service is another interesting idea. Medical transport that carriers ferry blood work and other test items from collection facilities to labs is also an excellent market to pitch. Residential loads and relocation or moving are the different areas where you can focus on specializing if these types of unique niche markets help you focus your marketing efforts and develop a good reputation for success with potential clients.

Register a Business

Registering the business with proper documentation is another critical area. You should pick a business name that is attractive and unique for your delivery service. Please visit the secretary of state’s website and search the term to ensure that it is unique and doesn’t compete with other businesses. In case it does, make the changes to avoid rejection. Then all you need to do is complete the online business registration and pay the fee.

But keep in mind that costs and fees vary from state to state. So, finding out about it beforehand is an added advantage. When the registration is complete, visit the IRS website and obtain a tax identification number to get your bank accounts, finance company vehicles, and register for any required state permits.

Acquire Hotshot Vehicles

You can pick a vehicle depending on the type of deliveries you wish to make. Select a truck or car that suits your goal and that will maximize your ability for cargo. Did you know that many cargo vans and transit vans are used for small types of cargo movement, such as transporting paperwork and medical tests?

You can pick a box truck as it better suits a more significant need, such as delivering furniture. You can also finance the vehicle through the dealership or a local bank. The price of the cars differs depending on extras such as automated lifts. The driver can get additional items such as dollies, straps, and moving blankets. According to the needs and the distances, he would be traveling.

If you cannot finance these with the vehicle, you can consider them part of the entire required start-up investment. Getting a small business loan might not help to fill the gap. Better to consult your local Small Business Administration regarding options with local lenders.

Acquire Adequate Insurance

The insurance needs differ in each country or state. In the United States, there is no need for insurance for non-CDL hotshot Trucking other than the state-required liability insurance on the particular vehicle. So, it is best to safeguard yourself with commercial liability insurance that protects you from liability and protects the cargo you transport. It will protect your business from litigation and give your customers confidence that you are a responsible business owner who takes all safety measures to protect their cargo.

Marketing and Advertising

It is one of the critical areas. The best way to market your business is by obtaining a vehicle magnet or covering the hotshot truck with your contact details and business name. You can also Place ads on online job boards such as Craigslist and Go Share. When focusing on your niche market, find businesses that meet the criteria.

What is CDL hotshot trucking?

CDL hotshot trucking is driving a hotshot truck with a commercial driving license. As mentioned earlier, some states do not require this. But if you are driving a vehicle that is more than 26000Lbs in weight, you degenerately have to get the CDL before getting into the business. You can decide on acquiring the CDL depending on the state you plan to operate. But if you are planning to travel between the states, find out about the regulations in wash state and obtain the CDL accordingly. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of CDL and non-CDL driving?

There are a few advantages when you drive with the CDL for hotshot Trucking. Below are some of the them

  • The hotshot drivers with the CDL will always have flexibility and a back- up plan. 
  • If you plan to haul commercial loads, it is easier to get hired anywhere in the country if you have a Class A CDL. Your clean driving record and a CDL give your hotshot an excellent reputation to start with.
  • Also, if you plan to deliver more oversized loads, it is always best to have a commercial driving license. Ans, you can always move up to a larger vehicle as you already have the right with you. 
  • If you wish to join a company as a hotshot driver, you are always welcome as you have the required license. If you do not have the CDL with you, it is challenging to grow your business as you will always be handling the smaller loads. It will also have a more significant impact on the income level.
  • If you have the CDL, remember that your loads are no limits. You can carry any more considerable weight without any legal disturbance. 
  • Because it’s just a pickup truck, it is cheaper in repairs. Also, you can take it anywhere for repairs. But because there’s more competition generally, the prices are usually lower.

· As it’s just a pickup truck, you can quickly get another pickup truck to pull your trailer out if it’s stuck. Or you can even ask somebody else with a pickup truck to pull you out. It is straightforward to get help.

· The smaller trucks used in non-CDL have fewer regulations in general. 

· The best part is it needs a Low start-up cost. It is excellent for those who wish to enter the business as hotshot drivers.

Same as the CDL hotshot trucking, there are certain advantages to non-commercial hotshot Trucking. 

  • Entering the hotshot business without a DCL is an excellent way to start and learn about the industry. You can drive for some time and see if this suits you, and if you wish to grow in the same field, you may apply for CDL. 
  • It is the best way to start as it will not incur a high cost. You can start with whatever truck or the vehicle you have as you plan to operate as a non-CDL driver.
  • Also, it is the best and the most cost-effective way to get into the business. 

In both these aspects, there are certain disadvantages as well. Let s see what they are.

Below are some of the disadvantages of CDL hotshot trucking. 

1. The main thing is the Higher start-up costs. As the vehicles are more oversized, you need to obtain eh CDL license before starting the business. So, both the truck and the licensing procedure will incur a higher cost.

2. The MPG is not as good as a non-CDL pickup.  

3. Though the regulation is the same as a semi-truck. And Fuel, registration, repairs, and towing — are just as expensive. 

Same the CDL, the non-CDL too has its cons. 

1. The non-CDL trucks get a significantly fewer freight option most of the time as they are limited to smaller hauls., And also, the lower barrier entry limits the opportunities to a greater extent

2. Due to less space to rest, driving a non-CDL truck for more extended journeys are very uncomfortable. 

Dear readers, these are the clearest pros and cs of both the CDL and the non-CDL hotshot Trucking. 

What If you are already on CDL hotshot driving?

If you’re already in the CDL hotshot, we do not advise you to drop the opportunity and quit. But if you’re looking to enter into the business, do your research right now or try to evaluate which path you should take; this advice is for you. We recommend that the ideal option for you is to obtainyour CDL with no restrictions and drive a non-CDL hotshot.

You can take advantage of a CDL driver’s benefits, but you also don’t have to log in; you can then operate either way, which is an advantage.

So, again, we remind you to get your CDL with no restrictions. If possible, drive non-CDL hotshot to gain experience. If you are not satisfied, you may quit. You do not have to worry as you now own a pickup truck that you can afford the payments on as you can drive a semi. You could sell the trailer or haul some of your requests without getting attached to hotshot Trucking. 

What we recommend

So if you are trying to get into hotshot, the best thing you need to do is get your CDL with no restrictions. Then if you need to get a bigger truck, you can out the lease. Then you can get into the hot shotting. If you think it is suitable and works well for you, you can continue the same and try going up the career ladder. If you don’t like it, that’s OK. You can always quit or try out your hauling through personal marketing. 

Also, you can quit the lease when you complete the 6000 miles and then move on to another bigger vehicle. But remember, at least with the semi, you’re never going to be out of work? It is not to say that you’ll be out of work when you hotshot. It would help if you also remembered that most consumer goods in the United States are still delivered by big trucks. So, you need to plan and target accordingly. 

So, from your point of view, the best choice for you is either a non-CDL hotshot or get your CDL and drive a tractor-trailer. Do not get stuck in the CDL hotshot. Always try to work things out where you can handle more potential and opportunities. 

So dear readers, we hope that this write-up gives your insight into the advantages and disadvantages of CDL and non-CDL Trucking. We hope it will help you to make a wise decision. 

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