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What Is the best hotshot trailer for hotshot trucking? -READ before Picking!

What Is The Best Hotshot Trailer For Hotshot Trucking? – It Is Time To Get Your Hands On The Steering Wheel & Earn a Passive Income!

Dear readers, we meet again with another informative article on hotshot trucking! Hotshot trucking is a service born in the 1970 s as a result of the oil industry. We all know that this is one of the hottest trends in transportation. The hotshot culture has taken the transport industry by storm. If you own a truck and understand the regulations and how to tackle the deals, you will be successful in the hotshot industry. Here, we are going to unveil what is the best hotshot trailer for hotshot trucking in detail.

Here’s the deal:

What is hot shot trucking? -Before discussing what is the best hotshot trailer for hotshot trucking…

Hotshot trucks usually are the Class 3, 4, or 5 trucks pulling a flatbed or other trailer for extra weight and capacity. Hotshot trucks often transport an item needed to prevent a failure, such as in the power grid, a factory or plant, or a pump in an oil field. They handle the emergency logistics. These trucks often take other jobs like towing cars, equipment, machinery, boats, and RVs. If the owner is not leasing their hotshot to a business, he must get a US DOT number and a minimum of $750,000 as the primary liability insurance coverage. It is mainly to drive interstate.

Advantages and disadvantages of Hotshot trucking at a glance!?

One of the critical advantages of hotshot trucking is the low start-up equipment costs at higher pay-up get per mile. Also, you can buy a Class 3 truck and trailer for a lesser price than a Class 8 long-haul, and it has less insurance cost. Another significant benefit is that the drivers can set their expenses – this can often go at premium rates as it has a tight turnaround – and you can also select the working hours and choose when to take loads, as they work for themselves. 

Hotshot trucking also has its challenges. Work can be unstable. You will not always get the hires as expected. Also, the drivers must be ready at a moment’s notice to be at the service. The trucks may need frequent maintenance as the trucks’ workload is tuff. And it’s challenging to maintain the resale value of vehicles. It is mainly because, most of the time, the trucks are s as other carrier types. It includes the insurance, licenses and qualifications, drug and alcohol testing, Hours of Service (HOS) logging, and IFTA reports (depending on pounds hauled).

You better know about the role of shot trucks before digging up what is the best hotshot trailer for hotshot trucking.       

The Hotshot truckers must deliver small, time-sensitive loads that need to be delivered within a tight timeframe. Most hotshot truckers are freelance owners who-operators their vehicles and find their loads. But drivers who work for other companies sometimes take on hot shot jobs. All the drivers have to undergo the necessary procedures and qualify to take up the job.

Hotshot trucking is, in fact, a very effective and widespread process of transporting smaller quantities of freight. They use a flatbed hotshot trailer and a “medium-duty” pickup truck most of the time. Hotshot trucking became a convenient option because it provides a time — and budget-friendly — solution for shippers to send their freight via less-than-truckload or partial-truckload services.

Since its birth in the Texas oilfields of the 1970s, hot shot trucking has come a long way to the forefront of the trucking world. Today, hotshot services are well planned and organized so that it has become one of the best options ever.

What are the key types of hotshot trucks?

Did you know that several truck types are used for hot shot trucking? Each has its features suitable for different operations. 

Hotshot trucks typically come in different sizes. Today’s most hotshot trailers range between 30 and 40 feet in length and others between 3 feet, 4 inches, 3 feet, and 6 inches above the ground. 

Most of the time, hotshot trailers have a maximum height capacity for freight that ranges between 9 feet, 6 inches, and 10 feet tall — depending on the type of tires. These trailers can move almost the same weight as the standard flatbed trailer.

If you think of the weight capacity, a 40-foot hot shot trailer is unsuitable for carrying heavier freight than 16,500 pounds. 

But to make it more workable, the Hotshot trucks offer different itinerates with different weight capacities so that the one who needs the service can pick the most suitable one.

Let us see what the most popular three kinds of hotshot trailers are: 

  1.  Gooseneck hot shot trailers
  2.  Dovetail hot shot trailers
  3.  Bumper pulls hot shot trailers

Below are some details about the common truck types used for hot shot trucking. I hope the facts will help you readers get a general understanding of the business.

Choosing the correct trailer is a big decision you will need to make as a hotshot driver. 

The type you pick depends entirely on the kind of loads you wish to handle. 

Bumper pull trailers – One of the best solutions for those who think what is the best hotshot trailer for hotshot trucking

Bumper pull trailers are usually the shorter type of trailers and are less expensive. They’re easy to handle, so they’re popular with civilian drivers.

The one disadvantage to bumper pull trailers is that you cannot carry as many materials or as much weight as their structure is small. In most instances, the load you have on a bumper pull trailer will be less than 10,001 pounds. The trailer may sway or lose stability with heavier loads if you carry more than that.

Gooseneck trailers

This type of hotshot truck is famous for its stability. An added advantage is that these trailers have a tighter turn radius than bumper pull trailers. The trucks usually carry larger, heavier loads than bumper pull trailers. But for that, you may require to invest in a particular hitching system. If you have decided to take up hotshot trucking as a profession, you will prefer to invest in a gooseneck trailer than a bumper pull trailer. 

Tilt-deck trailer trucks

The most significant advantage of the Tilt deck trailers is that they can tilt the deck at an angle so that you can load heavy cargo more efficiently. Then, you can turn them flat for transportation. The tilt deck trailers relieve you of a lot of heavy lifting, but at the same time, they do require maintenance. The operating system of the tilt deck trailers uses hydraulic systems that require filter and oil changes. Also, you will need to put oil regularly on the trailer’s moving joints, so they don’t rust.

Lowboy trucks

Lowboy trailers usually have a low center of gravity, ideal for the heaviest loads. You can lay them on the ground when they can detach from your truck. If you need to carry a load with more height, a lowboy is the best as it can help you clear certain height restrictions.

The one drawback to lowboy trailers is that it does not have enough deck space. You will be able to take a heavier load, but you won’t be able to carry as much material at a time.

Dovetail trailers

Dove trailers are ideal for hauling cars or other equipment with wheels. It is an affordable and well-known option for the purpose, and they are easy to resell when you no longer need them.

One disadvantage is that they hang low on the back of the trailer, so it is not easy to transport anything up a steep incline or a mountain area without them dragging. Dovetails protrude out at the back, making it challenging to handle the trailer sometimes unless you are a pro at driving such vehicles.

What is the most popular type for Hotshot trucking

Among all the types of Trailers, the gooseneck trucks have earned their fame for quite some time. So dear readers, we thought it would be helpful to share more information about the most popular and the most used trailer types in that category.


This vehicle has an air ride suspension. Because of that, it handles fragile loads better than other types of suspension trucks. You can easily adjust the rest to whatever load you are carrying. Also, this truck is great at towing and offers a smooth ride throughout. In terms of fuel economy, this is one of the best options. Also, its versatility in tackling different types of grounds and minor wear and tear are the other advantages.

The Gatormade Air Ride also has a unique spread-axle design. It allows more flexibility with loading since it carries more weight. Also, its framework is designed to withstand heavy use.

The vehicle has twelve-thousand-disc brakes and axles that are very dependable. Also, the tires they use are specifically supportive to carry heavy loads without any disturbance.

The trailer also comes with an extra unique feature approved in Canada with your safety and comfort in mind.


It is another mainly used track. The high-quality trailer has a clean steel surface to ensure a professional, smooth finish. This gooseneck trailer also has a treated floor with wood from a pine or Douglas fir. The truck is carefully constructed to ensure safety. It is to provide the safe hauling of your load.

But sometimes there are a few cons as well. It is challenging for the driver to get into the truck as there are no steps. Also, the ramp is too small, which makes loading hard. And the dealer markups are pretty high if you plan to buy them from the dealer. 


This vehicle is in demand due to its number of great features. It was the best gooseneck trailer for 2019. The truck allows you to carry heavier loads. Next is its construction which has a five-leaf spring suspension and radial tires, giving you a smoother ride. Also, it uses Dexter brand oil bath axles, and it is considered one of the best technologies in the industry and designed for heavy-duty use. 

The good thing is its easy boarding and off-boarding facility. The powder coat finish in the painting gives a quality finish, and the double jacks help stabilize the trailer. The LED lights with the reflective tapes also provide better visibility. We see the only negative point is that this type of vehicle is only available with the dealer.


This Gooseneck trailer is famous for its high durability and its number of good features. It has its DOT reflective tape and sealed flush mount LED lights in the rear tailboard, creating better light and visibility during fog and mist. Its axles are the other key feature, and its Dexter cambered E-Z Lube. Dexter axles are well-crafted, so you do not have to worry about their durability for a long time. The vehicle can carry up to 14,000 lbs.

The exterior of the Trailor is also extraordinary. It is painted with Valspar paints and the standard red, black, storm grey pearl metallic, indigo blue metallic, or Arizona beige pearl. You can request the other color blends as well. But remember that they cost you extra money as you need to make it on request.

There are a few cons of this trailer as well. This type of vehicle does not have a torque tube that prevents frame fatigue or frame flex. The capacity is another issue as they cannot carry more than the specified low weight. And the most specific thing is that the dealer markups are pretty high when you buy the vehicle and can only buy it from the dealers.


This type of hotshot truck trailer can haul even the heaviest loads up to a payload capacity of 18,100 pounds. The vehicle comes well equipped with slipper spring suspension to help ensure a smoother ride. Also, this has the safety features like DOT lighting, an emergency breakaway switch, reflective tape, and safety chains. The spring suspension helps the ride smother, one of the most significant advantages of longer rides. The relatively high gross weight vehicle rating allows carrying heavier loads. 

Same as the other vehicles, this too has its disadvantages. The main thing is the higher dealer markup. Also, the acrylic enamel finish does not last long as the powder coating.


This vehicle is famous as a heavy-duty gooseneck. The frame is out of a 12-inch I-Beam on the mainframe and neck. Also, another 3-inch channel stacked cross members on 16-inch centers and 6-inch outer rails for better support.

The axle design is different from the other gooseneck trailers, and this gooseneck trailer has three 7,000-pound E-Z Lube Axles from Dexter Axles, making it more challenging and stronger.

The advantage is that this vehicle has lifetime LED lights which ensures that the truck has a bright light in an emergency. Also, it helps to carry hefty loads. But this truck does not have steps to get in and out of the vehicle. It is considered one of the most significant disadvantages. Also, the paint of the outer finish is not durable in harsh weather conditions.

Requirements of the trucks for hot shot trucking

There are not many regulations and rules for hot shot trucking. But below are a few of the essential points that you should know if you wish to start your carrier as a hot shout truck driver.

There is no specific type of truck for hot shot trucking. 

You can use a variety of vehicle types. The most common pickup trucks are classified as “medium-duty” by the Federal Highway Administration). They generally fall into the category of non-commercial vehicles, but you can use them for hot shot trucking if you have your on your own ;

Hotshot trucks typically fall under Class 3, 4, or 5. – What is the best hotshot trailer for hotshot trucking?

Class 3

Class 3 medium-duty truck types have a 10,001-14,000 pounds weight limit. Drivers use the Chevrolet Silverado 3500, the GMC Sierra 3500, the Ford F-350, and the Ram 3500 as the most common types.

These are the essential heavy-duty pickup trucks. Contractors and last-mile delivery drivers commonly use this type, but you can also use them for hotshot logistics.

Class 4

The regulation is that the Class 4 medium-duty trucks can carry a weight limit of 14,001-16,000 pounds. The Chevrolet Silverado 4500, Ford F-450, and Ram 4500 are the vehicles that fall into this category. Though these are heavier trucks, they come under as non-commercial. If you plan on hauling larger hot shot loads, you may want to invest in a Class 4 truck.

Class 5

Class 5 medium-duty trucks have a recommended weight limit of 16,001-19,500 pounds. Standard vehicles of this category are Chevrolet Silverado 5500, Ford F-550, and the Ram 5500. The Kenworth, Peterbilt, and International TerraStar are the other type of vehicles that fall into this category.

So what we discussed above are the most common types of vehicles used in hot shot trucking. It would be best to buy some of the dealers’ trucks. We believe that now you have the answer to the question, what is the best hotshot trailer for hotshot trucking. So the dealer markup plays a very prominent role. Anyway, if you hope to start your career as a hotshot truck driver investing in the vehicle is worth it. 

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