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Which states are the best for hotshot trucking?

Hot shot trucking is one of the world’s most popular logistics services and is no secret. It operates as the most demanded goods transportation service in the industry. In the United States and Canada, Hotshot has gained its reputation as one of the most effective services.

General view of hotshot trucking

Hot shot trucking is ideal if you have smaller loads to haul. It is best if the ladies need to be delivered urgently.

So, the hotshot trucking option is mainly used for time-consuming goods transportation, especially related to the fields like production plants or factories. The parts of the machines, chemicals and raw materials are the main things that need urgent transportation to make the production process runs smoothly.

Besides that, Hotshot transportation is also popular in the agricultural industry. These are used to transport manure, chemicals, and pants. Also, trucks are used to transport animals such as cattle and sheep. So comparatively, Hotshot trucking is a very Lucrative business.

You can operate as a contractor or an owner-operator. If you wish to start your career as a hotshot trucker, you can evaluate both aspects and pick the best way to begin your hotshot business.

Pros and cons of hot shot trucking

Though we see hotshot trucking as one of the best opportunities in the logistics industry, they have their advantages and disadvantages.

To name a few benefits:

  • It is the best way to start up your trucking business. You can enter the industry if you have the license, the needed medical certificates, and a vehicle.
  • The best job for those who wish to travel.
  • If you have a truck, you can quickly get into the business. But make sure to pick the suitable loads that the car can afford.
  • You have the freedom to pick your jobs if you operate as an owner-operator.
  • It also had shallow barriers to entry into the industry and meager start-up costs.

Same as the advantage, there are a few disadvantages as well.

  • The hotshot industry has constant competition.
  • Sometimes the loads you have to haul are toxic chemicals or animals that are alive that need special skills in handling.
  • The areas you must travel to will take several days, so you may not be able to return sooner.
  • The weather conditions matter. Sometimes the routes may have heavy snow layers or heavy rains.
  • Crossing states may require special permissions, which is an additional cost if you are an owner-operator.

Equipment needed to start the hotshot trucking business

The main thing that you need is the relevant type of vehicle. You can take off half of the start-up cost if you have a car. The next important thing is the required documents, registrations, and licenses. Also, the ropes, chains, and other strapping equipment needs should be ready to stand by.

How to find jobs?

The companies who wish to deliver are always searching for hot shot trucks, which means the load boards are always full of related jobs. So, the load boards are the most efficient yet effective method to get the jobs. Getting in touch with the most comprehensive freight networks is also one of the effective ways to find new jobs. You can save any favorite routes and look for employment in a specific area if you have any favorite courses. If you wish to operate as an owner-operator who wishes to continue the job on your own, make sure to do your marketing. It will allow you to find more jobs that you prefer.

Best States for Hotshot business

When you think of the hotshot business, remember that there are areas where this industry is booming. So you need to pay attention to those areas to flourish as a hotshot driver.

Below are some of the most popular cities and states where the hotshot business is well established.

  • Oklahoma is known as one of the best states for hotshot trucking. The gas prices are meager in the area, and there’s more vehicle space. When you consider the regulations and lows, there is t much. It is one of the main advantages of driving in this state. The traffic is meager; you could say there isn’t any traffic. So, the drivers can easily continue a smooth drive along the roads with no traffic. As this state is home to several gas producers, Gas is cheap and readily available. Therefore, you do not have to think about Gas.
  • Tennessee is also another city that is popular as one of the truck-friendly towns. The area has highways, so the traffic is significantly less. Law gas prices are the other key reason, and the number of vehicles is less due to less traffic. This state is famous as one of the cities with the lowest diesel fuel prices. So most hotshot trucking companies tend to base in this state due to low operating costs. The state is big enough to provide enough opportunities for a more significant number of truck drivers. There’s more business, and the drivers love hauling their loads on these tremendous open roads.
  • Texas is the next best city for hotshot truck drivers. The key reason is the low- regulations of the state. Texas is very close to Oklahoma and has many business opportunities requiring time-sensitive transportation. Unlike the other states, Texas has a couple of cities with heavy traffic. This state, too, has cheap fuel. Many loads haul to the smaller states nearby. Texas is a major city where the trucks operate to head to a different small city.

Other than these cities and states, several others operate as the best cities for hotshot trucking.

  • Morris Town is one of the main cities that act as a critical point for the hot shot trucking. The construction industry that takes place in the area creates a lot of job opportunities where transportation d logistics play a crucial role. Also, the cost of living in this town is beautiful and manageable, so most of the hotshot drivers like to operate from this town, mainly because of the low operating costs.
  • Odessa is a city that has a higher potential for hotshot truck drivers. This town is known as a cattle shipping point in the area. Also, the oil production plants in the regions have a lot of opportunities where transportation is required. So the city of Odessa has become a center for growing logistics. Recently this has become a key city of distribution for Co ca cola, which means increased opportunities for the transportation industry. It is one of the lowest employment cities, so truck drivers earn a higher annual income due to the availability of options than the number of drivers available.

Joplin in south Missouri is the fifth large metropolitan area in the state of Missouri.

  • This area has a more significant number of trucking lines and has several opportunities for hotshot drivers. As the city is located near the main truck routes, this gives a better chance for the hotshot drivers to get more jobs.
  • Danville in Illinois is famous due to coal mining. It means there are plenty of opportunities for truck drivers to transport coal to different destinations. The area’s cost of living is meager, and the fuel prices are not high. It makes this area a trucking-friendly city for most of the hotshot drivers.

These are some of the main cities where most truck drivers operate due to low operating costs and the number of opportunities.

Worst cities for hotshot trucking

Same as the best states and the cities for hotshot trucking, there are also worst cities. You must avoid these states to operate as a hot shot driver.

  • California is not a good city to operate as a hotshot driver. The main reason is the heavy traffic. The urban congestion is more, so it is a nightmare for the small trucking companies or the hots hot drivers to operate. A lot of drivers waste both fuel and money stuck in traffic. This city is economically prosperous and needs transportation options for its ever-growing economy. But unless the city plans a better transportation infrastructure, the hotshot drivers cannot perform well in this city.
  • Ohio is the second most regulated city when you think of transportation or trucking. Life is tuff for truck drivers due to congested roads. Also, this city’s gas and operating costs are higher, so it is never a good place to work as a hotshot driver.
  • New jersey is another area known as the wrong city for hotshot trucking. The reason is mainly the crowded city area. It is very inconvenient and unsafe for truck drivers. The parking is a crucial issue, and the roads too are outdated and not friendly enough to transport heavy loads.

These cities are known as the worst cities to operate. So, make sure to avoid them.


We hope that we succeeded in bringing out the details needed to know the best state or the city to operate as a hotshot driver and what are the worst cities. So, avoid them when you plant your business in these areas.

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